Thursday, May 5, 2016

Name Your Poison

This slide dates from 1963 and I believe was taken somewhere in the Netherlands.  I believe the previous owner of these slides worked for Monsanto, so maybe some of their products?

What'll it be?  Pril?  Selva? Atta? Valo? Moderne Surf (now with Ekstra Vaskekraft!)?  Lux? Piccolo?

"Ekstra Vaskekraft" translates from Danish as "extra washing power".

I believe that says, "giver deres fej nyt lys" which translates from Finnish as "give their cowardly new light". That'll show their cowardly.


  1. isn't (wasn't?) "Surf" an american product? i recognize that name. as a designer, it's fun to see stuff in other languages, because it makes me focus on other stuff than what it's saying. it's like cartoon products!

    1. Yes, we have Surf here in the U.S., but due to regulatory issues, it has minimal vaskerkraft.

    2. well, i'm in support of the vaskerkraft regulation. it causes elbow stink.


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