Monday, May 16, 2016

The Satellite Motel -- Oddly Shaped and Magically Fingered

This is the first of a group of post cards I found at a garage sale last weekend and features the Satellite Motel (Turn Left) of Omaha, Nebraska.

The back boasts of Color TV, Rest Aid Massage Beds, Inn Room Coffee (as opposed to In-room?) and 4 Season guest Controlled Heat & Air Conditioning.  Rest Aid Massage Beds were better known as "Magic Fingers".  For two bits you received 15 minutes of noisy vibration or 40 minutes for 50 cents.  I remember my sister and I tried one of these at a motel while on vacation when we were little and my mom yelled at us because it made so much noise.

The Satellite Motel is still in business and surprisingly unchanged although now boasts free Wi-Fi, local phone calls and HBO.

In a nice touch, the opposite side of the side instructs you to "Turn Right".

Touring their gallery, the all cinder block interior gives it the look of a public school (bonus! They have a Coke machine!).  According to one review on Yelp:

When I got in shortly after 2330 (after ~12 hours of driving), the front desk was empty and I could hear a child or baby shouting down the hall in addition to a slight smoking smell.
I didn't check what the check-out time was so I was abruptly awaken the next day at 1105 by the cleaning ladies who told me. The front desk called 2-3 minutes later with the same message. Time to go. I packed up my things quickly to get going - ironically the front desk area was deserted, despite their rushing me out of their strangely shaped Motel.

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