Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Successful Farming May 1959

Today's offering is this month in 1959's issue of "Successful Farming".  You know what that means? Yep, hog reports.  Nah, I'm kidding.  It's all about the ads.

There's also an article on converting your old farmhouse to a modern mid century home.  This was a separate insert, like they forgot to include it in the original printing.

 "Pfaff!" looks like a sound you make when you don't believe something.

 Sorry, couldn't stitch this ad together.

 That chicken has a look like, "What the?  Where's he taking my kids?!"

"Garry Moore, star of this season's merriest TV show."  They couldn't mention the title? I'm going to guess it was "The Garry Moore Show" although it wasn't a new show.

 "I haven't seen a rat on my place in months!"  Except for that tax collector.

 The rear of that Nomad reminds me of one of those Star Wars cantina aliens.

And now let's break for a bountiful and delicious meal.

The removable oven is an odd touch, but I guess made it easy to take outside and squirt off with the garden hose.  Don't forget to wear your crown.

Wow, I had no idea there was such hostility between our countries in the 1950's.

 Oh.  Never mind.

 Sure, the cartoons are corny, but I thought they were cute.

What is it girl?  Timmy's trapped under the hay mower?!

Swing-out shelves seems like a really good idea at first, but I'll bet they broke under the weight within a few months.

 "How to interest your son in farming"?  Don't tell him about the poo-shoveling.

 A few ads aimed at the lady of the household (farmhold?) were thrown in.

I thought the Patz Barn Cleaner was going to be some sort of crazy robotic barn cleaning device. Turns out, it's just a conveyor belt to move barn waste (that's poo to me and you).

Is a Thunderbird or Corvette really what the 1950's farmer needed?

 Doesn't look like it's the "sports car" this kid was expecting.

Probably not wise to pose on the coffee table you just varnished.

I can sympathize that it's hot outside, but it might be a little better if you moved away from the air conditioner exhaust.

"Never again a ruined roast."  That's a tough one, very wearying.  Almost as unpleasant as "crumb crisp coating."

"Trak-tor" sounds like a He-man character.

Aw... Poor ghost piggies.

And that's about all the farming fun I can supply for now.  Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. i find it crazy to learn that there was a farmer's edition of what is basically "Better Homes and Gardens".


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