Sunday, September 25, 2016

Homemaking with a Flair 1970

"Homemaking with a flair" comes to us from the Fall of 1970. Just another booklet filled with expired coupons and dubious recipes. I don't know why people saved these. Maybe for the same reason I buy them.

By 1970, Peter Pan had switched from the Disney Peter Pan to the Mary Martin Pan. I remember discussing this on a previous post.  Apparently, Peter Pan Peanut Butter had originally partnered with Disney and used the Disney version in it's logo.  I'm not sure when that agreement terminated, but it was renewed in 2007 and the jar now sports the Disney Pan once again.

 My family always ate plain table sugar on our French toast with no butter.  Just one of the many weird things my family did.  I kind of still like it that way.

I had to Google to see if instant coffee was still made. It is. With all the instant coffee makers like Keurig and the like, I'm not sure why there's still a need for instant coffee. Does anyone still drink this?

 Diet Shasta.  A staple in my grandmother's house.  That and Tab. Diet soda.  I hated it then and I hate it now.  I drink soda so infrequently that when I drink it, I want the real stuff.

I'm not sure what Cerises ("cherries" in French, ooh la la), a jet and Janitor in a Drum have to do with each other, but here we are.

I'm not sure why this is named "English Soup".  It's a cake.  Why not call it "Torta Inglese"?  Crazy Italians.

The only thing that can top the horror of "Beefamato" is "Clamato".


  1. believe it or not, i hear rumbles that instant coffee may be the next cool thing, since it's the sole coffee thing that hasn't been modernized and hipster-ized.

    and beefmato? gee, i wonder why THAT never caught on. i hear clamato is good with vodka in a bloody mary, so there's that.

  2. I wouldn't touch Clamato or Beefamato with a ten foot pole. But I got a laugh out of the Janitor in a Drum ad. I had totally forgotten about that stuff. Actually I'd probably drink that instead of Clamato.

    1. i was going to mention that Janitor In A Can ad, too -- i had forgotten all about them! i wonder if they are still around. if so, i don't know why they would get rid of that distinctive packaging.

  3. Give me a PA-Pa-Pa give me a SH SH SH Shasta! In the name of all things Holy what the heck is Beefamato and why the heck would you do that!!!

  4. I am currently going through my mom's belongings and I have a box full of vintage cookbooks, one of which is the "first national issue of Homemaking With a Flair". (May 1970)

  5. Hi Lesalee. I love those vintage cookbooks. I pick them up every time I see them at a garage sale. It's an addiction.


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