Friday, September 16, 2016

Jack and Jill September 1954

I picked up a small library of "Jack and Jill" magazines at an estate sale this past year. I've been meaning to scan some of them and just came across them again. So here's September with some of the pages I liked.

Here's a fun game. Count the number of words you find on the above page that you could no longer use in a children's magazine.

Some illustrations from "Baba Yaga and The Prince".

The illustrations are by Ursula Koering who was a children's book illustrator. She also did the illustrations for "Baba Yaga and The Peddler" in the October 1973 issue of "Jack and Jill". She died 1976 at the age of 55.

"No human being would stack books like this." -- Peter Venkman.

I don't care what anyone thinks.  I will make and wear that vegetable-bag hat the next time it rains.


  1. nowadays that rain hat would cause lawsuits and a national outcry over the danger of suffocating children by putting plastic bags on their heads.

  2. Alright Tom - you got a bomb named for you!

  3. That vegetable bag rain hat is styling - you go for it.

  4. This is so fun. I could look at the cover alone for hours!


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