Monday, February 21, 2022

Marx Presidents

Coincidentally, I had scheduled a day off today.  Being Presidents' Day, some U.S. companies (mostly Federal offices and banks) are closed today.  But that's no reason to close Garage Sale Finds!  Okay, I'll admit, it's closed for business most of the year.  But you'll takes what you can gets!

Given the holiday, I scraped scanned through my past finds and pulled out this Marx Presidents of the United States figure line.
Marx Toys released these presidential figures beginning in 1954.   Louis Marx was friends with Dwight Eisenhower which may have had a hand in the production of this line.

However, while it might seem a odd hobby for a child today, collecting things of this nature were fairly standard for kids of the 1950's and 60's.

The line came with a Styrofoam display stand with enough room to add a few additional future presidents.  

Party on, dudes!

Ultimately, the line died with Nixon (which my set didn't have) either as a result of presidential scandal or the fact that Marx Toys was sold to another company who didn't see presidential figures as a money-maker.


  1. Now thats a find! I never find Marx toys anymore.

    1. They are few and far between these days for sure.


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