Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Star Toaster

It's been a while since I've shared a toaster find; I know everyone was on pins and needles.

If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you probably are aware of my toaster obsession.  I just love how many different styles and ways there are to perform the simple task of toasting bread.  That combined with the fact that vintage toasters were made to last and you can expect them to perform exactly as they did when they were new up to nearly 100 years ago makes them desirable to me.

This Star toaster by Fitzgerald Manufacturing dates from the 1920's. 

It's what's known as flip-style toaster meaning you have to manually flip the bread to toast each side.  I have a couple flip-down style toasters (where the bread cage is hinged at the bottom of the toaster and opens at the top for bread access).  This is my first "automatic" swing-arm flip toaster.  The bread cage actually rotates out with the top knob and can be turned without touching the bread.

There's a guard that prevents the cage from entering the toaster and touching the electric coils, a wise design choice.

As you can see, its downfall is the decorative grid on the cage blocks the coils from toasting the bread evenly.

But no matter. Once buttered and cinnamon-sugared, who notices?

I'll take this opportunity to also show my latest cinnamon sugar shaker.  This Eskimo girl shaker was a premium for Domino sugar and came in a wide array of designs.

Some other designs offered are below. These were known as "Toy Pak" shakers and probably date from the 1970's.


  1. i love old toasters too, but that one looks like a serious fire hazard. "Star Toaster," hmmmm? i'm sensing a theme to your posts for May so far...

  2. It toasts little broken hearts on the bread. I was sure it would be stars.

    1. That would have made so much more sense. Darn you, Fitzgerald Manufacturing Company!


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