Monday, May 2, 2022

Boba Fett Candy

I'm sure someone can explain to me, but I honestly never understood the popularity of Boba Fett (perhaps I should have issued a nerd alert prior to opening with that remark).

I remember even before "Empire Strikes Back" was released, he had been issued as a 12" figure action figure joining the ranks of the main stream characters of Luke, Leia, Han, Darth Vader et al.  Sure, in the movie he captures Han Solo, but he has a screen time of just six minutes and 32 seconds and 4 lines of dialogue. And of course, he would go on to have perhaps the lamest demise (or so we thought) in screen history when the unfrozen (and temporarily blinded) Han, accidentally knocks him into the sarlacc pit where he would be "digested for over a thousand years" (again, or so we thought).  Despite everything going against him, Boba Fett had a following.  He even ranked his own candy. This was another find at the collector's estate sale. Sadly, no candy remained.

Given the presence of fumaric acid, I have to assume these were sweet tarts.

Disney (and Jon Favreau) has gone a long way to redeem Boba Fett with their "Book of Boba Fett" series (surprise, and spoiler alert, Boba survived the sarlacc pit!) although it's had its own share of detractors.  For the most part, I enjoyed the series.  While it started out slow, it redeemed itself in the final episodes, which ironically had little to do with Boba Fett.

So I leave you with this question Star Wars nerds: why was Boba Fett initially embraced and why has he remained such a popular character?


  1. *raises hand*
    I'll field that question, thanks.

    are you KIDDING? it's especially *because* he was so mysterious, ominous, and clearly badass that he was exciting and has endured! he's as cool as a cucumber the entire ESB movie -- clearly a force (no pun intended) to be reckoned with. and because there was no other info given, that gave kids everywhere license to make up his story and what he was like. that kind of fuel for imagination is gold for a franchise.

    i'm surprised you didn't mention that his first appearance was in the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special, in the cartoon segment, or that his original action figure was originally only obtainable via mail order before the movie came out (still have mine!), and that his missile pack was disabled from firing the missile at the last minute because some kid choked on the firing missile from his Battlestar Galactica toy, and the family sued the toymaker.

    1. Okay, I'll admit I knew exactly who I was throwing that challenge down to. Well, done sir.

      You know, I thought I remembered him being a mail-order special, but couldn't find that info in the scant research I did. I'll admit, I wing most of these things. Was that the 3 3/4" figure or the 12" figure?
      I do remember now that he appeared as a cartoon in the SWHS. I also remember "the kid who ruined it for everybody" story about the missile.

    2. heh -- you know how to get me going! the mail-order action figure from before ESB came out was for the 3.75" figure. the foot-tall ones of Luke, Vadar, Chewie, and Boba came later, i believe, but don't quote me on that one. I wish i had known that you were preparing for this post... i'm 100% certain i still have the card backs i carefully cut out my proof of purchases for to get my Boba Fett figure, with the promotional blurb on the front advertising the mail-order. If i recall, Boba himself came in just a simple thin white unmarked cardboard box, which was a letdown. anyway, i could've dug those cardbacks out and scanned them for you. we were so bummed when he arrived and his missile pack didn't fire!

      speaking of which, i think there are only a couple copies of Boba with an actual, working, firing missile pack in the world -- they were prototypes -- and if i'm not mistaken, one of them is owned by none other than Rick Springfield, who is a HUUUUGE collector of SW figures. maybe the hugest. at least now if i ever get to meet him i'll have more than one thing i can talk to him about besides "Jesse's Girl," haha.

    3. It's never too late. If you find the cards and scan them, I'd be glad to update.
      There was a show on Travel Channel called "Toy Hunter" in which was basically "American Pickers" for toys. He visited someone who had one of the Boba prototypes with firing missile. I think he ended up selling it for 5 figures, but I'm not sure to whom.

  2. let me see if i can find them. i know i've seen them. if i can find them and get the time to scan, i'll email 'em to ya.


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