Monday, May 2, 2022

Star Wars Finds

Following up on my previous post, I thought I'd share the other Star Wars-related finds from the big collector sale.

But first, let me elaborate a little more on the sale as I've referred to it several times, but never really detailed the sale itself.

This was a private estate sale (meaning the family hosted the sale rather than a professional company).  This usually means one of two things.  Either the items will have high sentimental value and will be overpriced, or the family just wants to get rid of the accumulation of a loved one so they can sell the house and move on.  This sale was a mix of both.

A lot of the items were way overpriced.  The family used the standard "look how much it's selling for on eBay" without considering condition or actual sold prices.  At the same time, there were quite a few things of value that the family overlooked or just didn't both researching.  I shopped the sale the first day as well as the last when they were looking at a large remaining inventory and more willing to bargain on some of the items they had priced high.

I spent a lot of time going through boxes of random toys as well as many boxes of paper in order to glean what I felt to be the most saleable (and what I thought would be cool to have myself).

First up is this Burger Chef "Empire Strikes Back" poster.  I had this series hung on my bedroom wall when I was a kid. Boris Vallejo painted so much of my childhood.

Next up was a bit of a surprise.  Apparently, Burger King also had an "Empire Strikes Back" promotion running at the same time as Burger Chef. This one involved a booklet onto which you would paste "Super Scene Collection" stamps.  I don't recall this at all, which makes me wonder if it was used in other parts of the country.  Anyone remember these?

And finally this folder, although I never had it, brought back memories.

Most people remember and romanticize the Pee Chee folders, but I never cared for those as they featured various sports, something I was never into.  I liked the Mead Portfolio licensed properties folders.

That concludes the extent of my Star Wars finds for that sale. I found a lot of other items at that sale, so I'll continue to post more.


  1. i had that folder! i don't recall the stamps, but i did have some of the Burger Chef posters, but not the Hoth one. such great finds!


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