Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gone Fishing

Today is the first day of Trout Season here in Missouri.  Thousands of anglers line shoulder to shoulder along the banks and in the waters of Missouri streams casting lines and snagging rocks all in hopes of catching that elusive lunker.

These slides were among those of the family I previously blogged about here and here.  I'm not absolutely sure, but these may have been taken at Montauk State Park.  The slides date from 1969.  It looks like they had a good time and even caught a few.

Check out the vintage Hi Ho crackers box.

The women watch patiently

Nice Camper Truck in the background.

Even Grandma gets in on the action

A stringerful


  1. i love how all the dudes leaning on the car look like they are too cool to fish. and that camper looks like your dad's old one to me.

    1. Yeah, the camper truck reminds me of many trips we took. When you think back, we were crazy to ride in the camper portion, especially the way my dad drove. I remember that thing swaying back and forth down the highway.


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