Saturday, March 1, 2014

Letters Never Sent

I found this Olivetti Underwood Lettera 31 typewriter at an estate sale last weekend.

They were asking $20, but I talked them down to $8. 

It types surprisingly smooth.  It needed a little oiling, but types great after I sprayed it with some white lithium grease.

I found some papers under the typewriter in the case written by a 9-year-old girl, Dawn McConnell in 1983.

June 23, 1983

 There were several starts of letters to Uncle(s) Denny and Dan and Heather.

 This one looks like she was typing from a dictionary.

Concerns of Denny getting a job quickly turn to Trapper John M.D. and Pacman. 

I'm not sure if she's chastising herself or Heather for the poor typing. 

 A tragic tale of a starved lion.

Trouble spelling "Picture" or possibly "Pitcher".  Hard to say. 

I put the typewriter up for sale on eBay.  

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