Monday, March 17, 2014

What was on TV March 17th through 23rd, 1979

Welcome to this week in television, 1979 when Mash, Jiggles and Cusswords ruled the airwaves.

Is that Phil Silvers sporting the violin case?

"Supertrain" was a short-lived series that was also the most expensive of its time and almost bankrupted NBC.  It was similar in nature to "The Love Boat" with weekly guest stars and 3 separate yet intertwining story lines.  It derailed after 9 episodes. In 2002, TV Guide ranked it 28th worst TV series of all time.

In a rare exception to the rule for Channel 11 Saturday afternoon, Buster Crabbe stars in the role of Tarzan in "Tarzan the Fearless".  The only film Crabbe starred in as Tarzan, it was actually released during the same time frame (1933) that Johnny Weissmuller was filming his version of the King of the Apes.  Crabbe went on to film several other "Jungle Man" movies in addition to "Flash Gordon" and "Buck Rogers".

The 70's loved female truckers.

Create your own caption for this portrait.

Unless Godzilla made an appearance, I was typically out for these Kaiju movies.

The Osmonds + K. C. and the Sunshine Band <> The Wildest Rodeo in Texas

Clif St. James was newsman by day, clown by weekend.  He played Corky the Clown on a local show of the same name on Sundays.

Seriously, why did Charlie Brown even try.  I knew he was going to lose, you knew he was going to lose, he knew he was going to lose.  No wonder he grew up unstable, eventually sinking to drug use and finally jail time.

Note the "Little House on the Prarie synopsis above: "Laura and Albert must leave home to help a dying friend realize a dream: to see the ocean."  I think every time Michael Landon ran out of ideas, he'd write an episode where someone died.  In fact, that might make a good drinking game: every time someone dies on "Little House on the Prarie" take a drink.  Sure, you'd have to span the game from week to week, but I guarantee you'd eventually get a buzz on.

"Fast Friends" would be just yet another sappy made-for-tv movie if it weren't for one saving grace -- David Letterman in a supporting role.  Sadly, the internet can provide no video footage. Perhaps David Letterman had all copies destroyed.

"The Ropers" -- another example of strong cast members leaving a successful show only to fail in a starring vehicle.  Well, someone had to make way for Mr. Furley.

Again, these posters warrant closer examination.

I swear I thought that upper left poster was Scott Baio.  Not sure who the upper right poster is.  Looking through the list of other available posters, I pray that "Bustin' Loose (nude)" poster wasn't Richard Pryor.

I don't recall the rock magazine "Circus", but it was published from 1966 to 2006.

Remember this guy?  It's catching.

By this time, "Flicker Snickers" had been replaced by "TV Jibe"

Trax.  My Mom's answer to Nikes.

You could get a serious back injury hefting that Betamax player.

Add your own caption.

And once again we come to the end of our trip back to TV 1979. Tune in next time.


  1. you don't remember Circus?? man, i read that like it was the bible. that, Hit Parader, and Cream. ("Boy Howdy!")

    and hey, it's suzie chapstick! that upper right image is kathy baumann (didn't you mention her a week or so ago?) -- and i'm with you, i totally thought the upper left was scott baio. i'm also VERY suprised you didn't bust out a line from zee CRUEL SHOEZZZ...

    1. >you don't remember Circus??
      No, I missed out on Circus. You have to remember, I was never very hip.
      >that upper right image is kathy baumann (didn't you mention her
      >a week or so ago?)
      Ah, yes I did. I still don't recognize her.
      >i'm also VERY suprised you didn't bust out a line from zee
      Actually, I meant to. How about this: "They were cows born for trouble. They were not cows who could stand by and let people call them 'bossy.' These were renegade cows."

    2. /sheds tear of joy.
      that was perfect. : )

  2. Love it, as usual. Don't remember that "13 Queens Blvd." show at all!

    1. I don't recall that one either. Looks like it only lasted 8 episodes and I can see why: reading the premise almost put me to sleep. There were always quite a few mid-season replacements during the spring and they were generally shows that were passed over for the fall season, so not exactly the cream of the crop.


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