Monday, March 24, 2014

What was on TV March 24th through 30th, 1979

The many faces of Lipton: Oblivious, Surprise, Satisfaction, Stroke, Frisky.

The sun'll come out tomorrow, but I'll be inside watching TV.

Okay, everyone, 1, 2, 3. Eeeeeeee!

I recognized her immediately despite the fact I've only seen her in one show.  She played Herb Tarleck's friend from High School who'd had a sex change operation and seduced Herb at a convention, much to his shock and dismay.

Bad News Bears was another one of those films that every kid in my school saw except me.  But this is the TV series based on the movie.  I didn't watch that either.

There was an awful lot of TV movies dealing with mentally challenged ("retarded" as they and we called it then) people in the 1970's and 80's.  "No Other Love" was just one.  It starred Richard "John-Boy" Thomas and Julie "Marge Simpson" Kavner.

The first of several weight loss products promoted in this issue.  This one was sold at Wal-Mart when their signs still had that Olde Tymey look.

I remember my sister asking me was on Channel 11 when "Damn the Defiant" was on.  Not wanting to say a cuss word, I told her "Darn the Defiant" was on.  Yes, I know, I was a dork.

At least "Friends" was right up front and let you know you were in for a "very special" ride.

Not the god-awful movie starring Bill Paxton.  Just a local documentary.

I don't know who invented that style of artwork, but I hated it then and I hate it now.

A couple more mid season replacements that failed to make a mark for themselves in TV history.

Go ahead. Bask in the horribleness that is that drawing of "Arnold meets Ruthie". It almost looks like a Mad Magazine parody.

"This is called a stick.  THat's because I will be very sticky very soon."  Man, how did those Kodak ad wizards come up with such witty ads?  And how exactly are you going to capture "sticky" on film?  Please don't answer that.

Apparently, I was mistaken in my last post  "Flicker Snickers" were actually part of "TV Jibe".

And that wraps up this week's TV Guide.  See you next time.


  1. Interesting stuff. Some of those mid-season shows must have had really short runs, don't recall them at all, and I was a TV fanatic in the late 70s/80s.

    1. Usually, they are series that didn't make the Fall cut, so there generally isn't much hope for them, although there have been some notable exceptions such as All in the Family, Happy Days, Dallas and Three's Company. Other successful mid-season replacements here: Interesting to see what they replaced.


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