Sunday, July 19, 2015

Disneyland 1963, Part 1

Continuing our mystery family's vacation slides from 1963 finds us in Disneyland. There were quite a few slides, so I'm breaking it into two parts.  Part 1 features Fantasyland, Sleeping Beauty's Castle and around the park.

 Do the Dwarves still have those peep holes in their hats?

I always wonder about the people who inadvertently end up in other people's photos.  I'm looking at you, disgruntled lady in the flower print blouse.   Little do they know there exists a record of a random moment of their life.

 Same question about the peep holes with the Pigs.  You can actually see the person's eyes through it.  Creepy.

 Chicken of the Sea?  I didn't know Disneyland allowed sponsors.

I'm not sure if these last few pictures are from Disneyland or elsewhere.

 I guess this is the motel where they stayed.

This might be the Winchester House.  Can anyone confirm or deny?

This is the Crane Bathroom of Tomorrow exhibit that was in Tomorrowland.


  1. did you plan this to coincide with the anniversary of their opening? somehow i am sure you did. i've never been to the winchester mystery house, but i've been NEAR it many times. sorry, as a result, i cannot confirm or deny it for ya. : \

    1. >did you plan this to coincide with the anniversary of their opening?
      I can't take credit for that as I just found these slides Saturday morning. But I did mentally note that when I was posting. I meant to mention something, but forgot, so glad you did.


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