Sunday, July 5, 2015

Reader's Digest Condensed, June 1974

I recently came into a cache of old Reader's Digest magazines from the 1970's and you know what that means -- more scans!  If you're not a fan of old ads, move along.  If you are a fan of old ads, fasten your seatbelts...oh wait, this is the 1970's. No safety belts.  Well, just hang on for your dear lives then.

My dad had a Ford SuperCab.  The dog in the backseat in the ad is appropriate.  Long trips in those rear side-facing jump seats made you sicker than one.

Accent table lighters. Not something you see in homes these days.

1970's sensors...overloading!

Buttered toast and deviled ham?  Peanut butter, jam and deviled ham?  None of these sound good.  But I do have a soft-spot for Underwood Deviled Ham; my grandfather used to buy it for lunches when we would drive to the country when I was little.

The picture of the little girl in the Coppertone ad is a little creepy in hindsight (no pun intended), but (again, npi) we thought nothing of it back (npi) then.  Okay, I meant every one of those puns.

Because if they don't, they know their wives will have an affair with the repair man?

I nominate her outfit for the funkiest 1970's outfit ever.

At first I thought this anthropomorphic nose was a Schmoo.

 The Stuckey's kiosk is a reminder of what a difference mobile phones have made in travel.

She should have been embarrassed by your sweater/floral collar combo.

"Gee, these Chef Boyardee Spaghetti & Meat Balls really are delicious!"  said no parent ever.

Have you checked out the cost of Spam these days?  I think price per ounce, you're better off buying a steak.

I found a bunch of those Funny Face cups a while back.

Another ad that strikes me as a little creepy.

I don't think a "Wheat Germ helps you win the big potato sack race" strategy would be a very successful ad campaign these days.

As opposed to those price gougers over at Coleman!

I became familiar with Jack Davis from his work in Mad magazine.  I never realized what a prolific advertising career he had until I started buying these old magazines.  Though he rarely signed them, it's not hard to spot his work.

It looks like Tweety is made from that "melted plastic popcorn" similar to the ghost I blogged about.

Say what you will about McDonald's, but man I love their fries.

That's it for the premiere edition of Reader's Digest Condensed.  I'll be posting more as I scan them.  I know.  You just can't wait.

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