Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Grand Canyon or Bust, 1963

Today's installment of the mystery family's vacation is the last on our trip west and begins with a stop at Hoover Dam, then moves on to Meteor Crater and ends at the Grand Canyon.

I question whether that smiley face petroglyph in the upper left is ancient...  And is that bird eating a guy?
Whoa!  Is that a picture of the Ark of the Covenant?!  The Lost Tribe of Israel in America?  Aliens? Someone call Giorgio Tsoukalos!

Riding a cow into the sunset is an old West tradition.

I wish I could read the brand of trailer. Port...r is all you can see.  Porta Trailer?  Porta Camper?

***Update: Reader illpropaganda identified this trailer for us and even provided an ad for it:

Careful with that hunk of petrified wood, son.  By the way, it's illegal to remove it from a National Park.

And now we bid adieu to our family.  Safe ride home, folks.


  1. i wonder how many of those petroglyphs are still around. nowadays they don't even tell you where they were found, because people will come and destroy them or steal them.

    my guess on that trailer name is "porta-trailer," too. i tried some google-fu, but i failed. : (

    1. I thought the same thing about the petroglyphs. You'd never be able to get next to them like that today.

  2. That's a Porta-Camper I believe.

    1. Great job identifying that and great find on that ad. I think I'll add it to this post!


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