Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Down South 1954

This was another find at the big brochure sale from a while back.  From 1954, Down South on the Beautiful Gulf Coast featuring motels and attractions in and around Biloxi, Mississippi.

 Flo's Kitchen

 Rebel Motel

 Dees Chevrolet Company

Roger's Pharmacy

Flamingo Hotel Court

Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts

Fiesta Sand Bar and Lounge

Alice & Ernies

 The Musical Notes at the Creole Room

Betty Howard at Gus Stevens.  The best I could find about Betty was she was a stripper, which is probably apparent already.

Singing River

Jack Adam's Reptile Park

I couldn't find any information on the artist Hamill.

I couldn't find any information about "Dead Man's Oak" either, so I'm not sure it was an actual historic pirate carving or just a tourist trap.

At the same sale, I bought a menu for Friendship House.  I'll post that another day.


  1. - "foam rubber beds" at the Rebel? who WOULDN'T want to stay there??

    - that logo for the Holiday Shores is a treat. what a great find!

    - conversely, that Alice & Ernie's place... whelp, welcome to mississippi! (bonus points for the confederate flag on the next page.)

    - i'm amazed you found footage for that Betty Howard stripper. body standards sure have changed! nowadays she'd be fat-shamed into anorexia or worse, poor thing. she's built like marilyn monroe was back then -- big hips and boobs!

    - that map is also great. another illustrator, lost to the ages.

    1. >conversely, that Alice & Ernie's place
      Yeah, I noticed that and Flo's Kitchen both had a "mammy" figure out front.
      >body standards sure have changed! nowadays she'd be fat-shamed
      I thought the same thing. I think stars like Christina Hendricks are finally changing that mentality, thankfully.
      >another illustrator, lost to the ages.
      Yes. The way it says "Map by Hamill" and copyrighted makes me think he was somewhat known. The style seems very familiar, but could just be of the times.

  2. How could you two see boob's with all her hair? It's all I could look at so distracting.


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