Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween -- It's Still My Bag, Baby!

It's hard to believe the Halloween season has rolled around yet again. And once more, I have received an exclusive invitation from the gang to participate in this year's festivities. Okay, actually they forgot all about me and I had to politely knock and ask to come in.
I have a feeling this year's posts will be more challenging than the last.  Less items to showcase combined with 2 months of illness leading up to now (which prevented me from attending any garage or estate sales) has resulted in slim pickings, but I'll try my best to present something (almost) every day.

For my premiere post, I offer this Trick or Treat bag.  

I was at a garage sale on my way to work a few months back where everything was crazily high-priced. As I was leaving, I noticed a few Trick or Treat bags in a box. I asked how much they were and the seller said, "Oh, those are free."  So I grabbed them all.  This bag was made by Topstone and based on the price sticker, sold in October of 1984.  I like the front, and I love the reverse.

Topstone was a well-known rubber mask company (more on that later this month).  I didn't realize they made bags as well.

I'll post the other bags in later posts.  Hey, I told you pickings were slim.  I need to spread these things out!

Happy Blog-o-ween to all and be sure to visit everyone over at the countdown.  Bring an extra big Trick or Treat bag.  They have full-sized treats waiting!

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