Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Terrifyin' Tomatoes, Burger Chef!

As we find ourselves in the doldrums of winter once more with nary a garage sale in sight, it is time again to clear things out.  Time to post all those things I thought about posting, but never did.  A cleansing, if you will.

First up is this Burger Chef "Grand Prix de Burger Chef" race car.  

These came with Burger Chef's Fun Meals in 1973.  The are similar to Kenner's SSP race cars of the same era in that they are powered by a rip cord that spins a weighted flywheel at  high RPM to power the car down the road (or your kitchen floor).

As you might have guessed from my avatar and previous blog posts, I'm a little fond of Burger Chef.


  1. whoa, do you have the t-stick to make it work? we used to *love* SSP cars -- i haven't considered it before now, but i bet that somewhere there's avid collectors of them.

    1. Unfortunately, I don't have the t-stick. And you're right, the SSP cars are collectible. I had a race car the Smash Up Derby.

    2. i know we at least had the star wars darth vader van. i'm sure there were others. loved that sound they made!


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