Saturday, January 2, 2016

What was on TV January 2nd through 8th, 1971

As it enters 1971, this TV Guide asks if we remember 1970.  I'm sure I remember some of it, I would have been 3, but I couldn't tell you a specific memory from then.  In case you weren't there or don't remember it because of youth or drug use, TV Guide will fill you in.  Spoiler alert: aside from Richard Chamberlain's helmet hair and mutton chops, it kinda sucked.

 Brad Pitt would walk a mile for a Camel.

The Close Up for "Jackie Gleason" above is oddly lacking a picture even though there appears to be space on the left and above the synopsis.  Guess who masquerades as a hippie?

Oh, sorry, that's from "Here's Lucy" on Monday night.  All the Golden Age TV stars were dressing up as hippies!

Man, that's Kirk Douglas doing his best Kirk Douglas impression!  And Laurence Olivier is doing his best to keep up.

It's 2016 and frankly, I'm still not ready for that.

"Parents!  Guide your son to extra spending money!"  What?  You have a daughter?  Well, I hope she finds a good husband.

I'm confused by "The New Andy Griffith Show".  "Andy Griffith launches a new half-hour comedy series in the role of Andy Sawyer..."  "The series begins with visits from...George Lindsey and Paul Hartman as "Mayberry R.F.D.'s Goober and Emmett."  So do they just pretend "Andy Sawyer" looks nothing like "Andy Taylor"? The show only lasted 10 episodes, so the audience must have been as confused as I am.

I just recently discovered "Mr. Peppers", which Tony Randall refers to in this article, on Retro TV. It's not a bad, if somewhat subdued, little comedy.

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  1. Lucille Ball was so amazing. anything for a laugh, she was up for it!


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