Thursday, January 21, 2016

What was on TV January 9th through 15th, 1982

I'm running a little behind on this issue of TV Guide, so without any further fanfare, here's what we were watching 34 years ago last week.

At first I thought the tear on the cover was accidental, but it almost looks intentional, like a die cut.  I almost expected another cover underneath that would reveal Michael Landon's chest.

Yep, found it all right. It's lung cancer!

Real People featured a psychologist who claimed he could enlarge a woman's breasts through hypnosis and demonstrated while Fred Willard leered on.  So that's where Fred's troubles began.

This model reminds me of Janine Turner.  It's possible, she was 19 in 1982, but this model looks a little too mature for that.  Her "beauty mark" would be on the opposite side, so there's no way to confirm.

A remote control that is wired to the video recorder is a pretty sweet deal if you sit within four feet of the TV.  I know the Sears Video Arcade was just a rebadged Atari 2600, but how would you like to be that kid?  Your friends would insist it was something less.

Oh you'll stay alert for hours with Vivarin...and then you'll get hooked just like Alex P. Keaton!

One would think Bunnicula would be better aired in October or spring but here we are, airing on January 9th.

Is that Peter O'Toole's knife or is he just happy to see us?  And thanks, Channel 11 for the total fraud of showing Dean Martin and "crazy" Jerry Lewis in "Hook, Line and Sinker" which does not have Dean Martin nor "crazy" Jerry Lewis in it.

I'm glad Cameron Crowe decided to change the name from "I Was a Teenage Spy" to "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

The only thing I recall about "Will: G. Gordon Liddy" was an early scene in the movie where as a child he killed a rat, cooked it and ate it.  I swear that happened.

The $1,000 prize if for GROCERY money. Don't even think about using it for something other than groceries.

"Please!... Dave Murray's on with the weather.  I need to know if my tennisledding match will be cancelled."

There was a point when the Peanut's specials "jumped the shark".  This may be it.

I'm sure "Bugs Bunny's Mad World of Television" was one of those strung together specials featuring clips from the classic cartoons assembled with poor animation and the bedraggled voice of Mel Blanc resurrecting characters he hadn't done in years.

Foster Brooks stumbles his way through the World's Best Loved Songs! "My Heart Shtood Shtill!" "Why do I hic, why do I hic, why do I even bother to love you..."

Capless Stretch Wigs.  They're all here: the "Donna Reed", the "Lena Horne", the "Babs", the "Eartha Kitt",  the "Florence Henderson" and for you nostalgic types, the "Rita Hayworth".

I think it's safe to safe you've been typecast when they refer to you by your TV name in an ad for a movie that has nothing to do with that show.  Sorry, Polly (Flo) Holiday.

9:00, HBO: Somehow, "Night of the Juggler" as a title just doesn't instill fear.

Adrienne Barbeau looks way different than I remember.

"The People's Court": Call with your verdict. It's only 50 cents!  That practice seems ripe for charges of mistrial.

What is that guy in the RCA Music Service looking at?

Whoo hoo?  I'm over here!  No, look down.

Well, I guess even blind people can enjoy music.

Ever since Phyllis Diller "named names" during the "Red Scare" of the '50's, Fozzy Bear has refused to work with her.

Paul Winfield is shorter than I remember.

The most exciting new series of the season!  Not according to that guy sitting in the audience.

So "practically" no one knows more about movies than Judith Crist? Which says to me that is is SOMEONE out there who know more about movies than her. Why would I settle for Judith Crist when there could be someone else with more movie knowledge out there?

Bryan Cranston approves of land surveying and Winston.

Pretty much everything I've read about Michael Landon has lead me to believe he was very talented and very insufferable.


  1. I want to see that Art Carney-Lily Tomlin movie! Never heard of it til now, but sounds like a fun watch. Foul Play, on the other hand, is a movie I saw as a kid and was freaked out by. The albino man scared the $h!t out of me.

    1. It looks like you can watch it on Youtube for $2.99.
      Love your traumafession about Foul Play.

  2. wow, that "As We See It" column on page... A-2?... is interesting, not only for the story about Jimmy Carter's concession phone call to Reagan, but also the assertion that having networks refrain from posting election results until all the polling places have closed is "an infringement of first amendment rights." -- really? nowadays, they wait until enough have closed to make sure which way the electoral college is going, which determines it all anyway.

    at least the RCS Music guy isn't always looking at her chest.

    i have no idea who Charles Aznavour is/was on that muppets episode. maybe i need to look that one up.

    1. >at least the RCS Music guy isn't always looking at her chest.
      How do you know he wasn't look at someone else's chest who was much taller.

      >i have no idea who Charles Aznavour is/was
      According to Wikipedia's somewhat dubious entry:
      "He was recognized as the century's outstanding performer, with nearly 18% of the total vote, edging out Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan."


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