Sunday, January 10, 2016

Warm Thoughts

We're experiencing our first stretch of frigid weather for the season here in St. Louis with temperatures in the teens and I thought it appropriate to debut this 1956 brochure for the Surfside area of Miami Beach I picked up a few months ago.  Nothing poignant here, just some fun pictures and ads.

At first I thought the artist on the ad at top left was done by children's author Syd Hoff, but looking closer you can see the artist's autograph - Whitney Darrow.  Darrow was a cartoonist for The New Yorker where Syd Hoff's cartoons also appeared.


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The world will never know why Mrs. Olga Moskos welcomed visitors to the Surfside area.  What was in it for her?  Maybe she offered "unmentionable" services, wink wink.

I couldn't get beyond all of the Domino's pizza places in Miami Beach to find if Domino was still in business.

Bay Harbor Nursery, where mom and dad could drop off the kids while on vacation so they could partake in some of the local debauchery.

Reddy Kilowatt was created by the Alabama Power Company and was licensed to other electric companies through the United States.  The original version was a little harsher looking than the above example which was an adaption done by Woody Woodpecker creator Walter Lantz in 1946.  He remained a popular icon for nearly 70 years, but his use since the 1990's has been in decline.

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  1. Wonder how often the cops ended up at Domino, the bar open until 5 a.m.


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