Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dixie Wars

Digging through a basement closet at an estate sale this past weekend, I found this box of Dixie cups.

Of course, the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Story Card offer caught my attention.

I began looking (in a concealed manner of course, trying to contain my excitement as best as I could) to see if the cards were still in the box.

Unfortunately, all that was in it was the original cups, which aren't even Star Wars themed.  They're fresh herb themed.  LAME!   From the look of the lid, it would appear the kid whose parents bought these for him tore open the box, took the cards out and never used the cups.  Just like any kid.

These date from 1981.  Here are couple scans of the box for your viewing pleasure.

The back features a mail in order form for some additional Star Wars swag.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like you can get boxes of unused Star Wars Dixie Cups for $15 to $20 on eBay, if you really have a hankering for them.


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