Sunday, March 20, 2016

True, March 1967

I never heard of True magazine until I found a lot of them at an estate sale.  Printed from 1937 through 1974, it was akin to Esquire or GQ and is chock full of things that made the 60's male manly.

"Men who hate mowing -- Love Reo." And men who hate REO, love Journey.

Man, look at the size of that front bumper. I'll bet kids had the urge to ride on it.  That would have been even more dangerous than riding in an open truck bed.

Pamela Austin appeared in approximately 20 Dodge commercials as the "Dodge Rebellion Girl". She also appeared with Elvis in "Kissin' Cousins" and "Blue Hawaii".

This is a pretty good article on the days of circus posters and the men who hung them.

"Goldenrod" held the land speed record for non-supercharged, wheel-driven car for 45 years.  It averaged 409.277 mph.

My dad had a camper similar to the yellow truck above.  When going on camping trips, my sister and I, and an occasional friend, would ride up above the cab and watch out the window.  It never struck me how dangerous that was.  Had my father ever had an accident (which was a likely given my father's driving habits), we could have been crushed.

I couldn't find any information on John Ruge other than he was an illustrator for The New Yorker and other magazines.  Born in 1915, the internet reports he's still alive!

The idea of landing a returning spacecraft on wheels was considered a joke in 1967, but the Space Shuttle design was only 2 years away.

Hard to believe, but yes, at one time you could purchase a monkey through the mail.  I wonder how many were dead on arrival.  Correct answer?  All of them.

Slim-master: for men who survived the Battle of the Bulge only to find themselves battling the bulge once again.


  1. "to keep you informed -- and to keep the little woman firmly in her place." !?
    holy frijoles.

  2. I have a bunch of these. Great stuff! The ads alone are why I keep them in an unmarked box in my garage.

    1. An unmarked box in the garage?! That's has accidental (or purposeful) throw out by the wife written all over it! Mark them! Mark them now!


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