Saturday, March 12, 2016

Occupation Baby Sitter

This 1950's brochure printed by The National Board of Fire Underwriters promotes the benefits and responsibilities of being a baby sitter.

"The baby sitter business is booming" because the boomers' parents were "busy" after the war.

"Usually, a 'strange noise' can be pinned down to a banging shutter or the cat jumping down from a chair."  Or that evil clown that lives in the closet upstairs.  Why don't you go ahead and call the police now.

"When The Joneses Return: Your responsibilities are over. Now it is their responsibility to see you safely home."  Hopefully, Mr. Jones hasn't had too much to drink.


  1. SO TRUE. I did a little babysitting back in the day. Back before I had transportation. And it was always comforting when the tipsy couple arrived back home and then one of them proceeded to drive me back to my house. I would have been better off letting the Clown from the closet take me home. Maybe.

  2. i love how the pamphlet automatically assumes that the babysitter is going to yack on the phone and "blare" the TV, radio, or record player.

  3. yes - lets hope Mr. Jones has not had too much do drink nor fancies underage girls.


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