Friday, August 29, 2014

Future Shock

These slides were among a bunch of banking-related slides I picked up at an estate sale quite a while back. They date from about 1970 and feature some state of the art (for the time) computer equipment.  Others showed how they envisioned the year 2000.

The age they were living in:

The age they dreamed would someday be:

Apparently, N times Apple times Pear equals 3.  And if you don't get the right answer, they remove all the air from your vacuum chamber.

***Update: I came across another related set from this same collection which you can view here.


  1. Tom, these are great. Any more details on "The Year 2000" slides? I want to feature those. The "universal credit card"!

    1. These slides were actually part of two sets. The first was "Electronic Data Processing and Your Credit Union" and the second was called "Challenge of Philosophy". The second set was a sort of history of credit unions and included the "Year 2000" slides. The ones I showed here were the only ones showing futuristic scenes. You're welcome to use what's here. I redid the "Year 2000" slide, it was cropped slightly.


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