Thursday, August 28, 2014

What was on TV August 16th through 27th, 1980

Welcome to this week's trip back into TV's  hairy-chested past.  This week it's 1980 and we visit TV's Incredible Hunks.

I'm fairly certain that all 3 were actually present for that photo shoot.  I don't see any sign of photo manipulation. It's amazing there was a time you could get three TV actors together and ask them to dress the same way.

I know Kenmore is pushing the "whole meal" microwave but did they need to put the lime jello in there?

"I need to freeze this roast. Should I wrap in aluminum foil? Nah. Just shove it in the freezer next to the Baskin-Robbins."

"God knows, I'm odd".  At least I hope so, or I've got a lot of explaining to do.

Yes, Miss High Pants, Princess Leia and Laura Ingalls *are* talking about you.  Seriously, Fred Mertz didn't wear his pants that high.

Well, at least *they* thought it was funny.

If only "Captain Kangeroo" and "Sesame Street" were the worst things our children were subjected to by televison these days.  Hell, I'll even take "Razzmatazz".

This fresh mountain air is a little too harsh on my lungs.  Better light up a Winston.

Note this week's episode of Happy Days has Fonzie falling in love with a deaf girl.  Like last week's Laverne & Shirley where Lenny fell in love with Edna Babish's "retarded" daughter, you know this relationship isn't going to last.

It is almost 2015 and not only do we NOT have flying cars, we also don't have "embryo supermarkets" like the CBS Reports "The Baby Makers" theorizes. The future is so disappointing.

Something tells me that guy is a Major League Dip.

Let's see, what can we call a show that features people and their odd professions, kind of like that old show "What's My Line", and still not get sued.

Something tells me the earthquakes and volcanoes portions of "The Restless Earth" is more engrossing than the mountains and minerals portions.

Ryan Bollman (in the above Incredible Kids & Co Close Up) actually went on to appear in quite a few television shows and low budget movies and is still acting.

Bogie, Hepburn, a captain's hat, it must be "African Queen." What the? Sahara? Way to bait and switch TV Guide!

It doesn't look good for the Belly-Flop Team.  Their star player has apparently burst into flames.  And I don't see Evel Knievel's name anywhere in that roster, so who is that cheap imitation?

Why does this picutre remind me of the "Handsome Boy Modeling School" episode of "Get a Life"?

Well, I mean, aside from recycling the same actors playing the same characters in the same basic plot line, it's all new.

Oh TV Guide, you're so paranoid.  There'll never be a day when there are cameras everywhere watching our every move and waking moment.

Creamy Bacon dressing?!  Someone take me back to 1980 pronto!  Alas, it's no longer available.  We always had Seven Seas Creamy Italian in the house growing up.  I could have drank that stuff straight from the bottle...okay, I did.

There was a time when kids sticking their butts in the camera for a clothing ad was acceptable.  That time has passed.   And what exactly is the tipping point for Dacron and polyester content before it can no longer be called "denim".

Two of those red pointers are making a bit uncomfortable. I'll let you guess which two.

I think Ron Howard turning down more money to become a director worked out for him.

Thanks again to friend John for the comedic assist.  And that's all for this week's TV Guide.  See you next week.


  1. Well, you may have enjoyed salad dressing straight up, but I ate butter. My grandmother thought it was okay to give me butter as a snack. Any question why I was always wearing "husky" pants? LOL

    1. That's funny, Joe, you're actually the second person I've met who ate butter straight as a child. We never had butter in our house, we used magarine. I would eat it on saltines, but never straight.


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