Sunday, August 31, 2014

I ♥ Hartland

I went to an estate sale a week ago Friday in Lemay.  It was later in the morning, so I figured the good stuff would already be gone.  For some reason, they had people entering through the basement around back and the first thing I saw inside was a box of a bunch of loose plastic horses.  There were also a couple figures in riding stance.

At first I thought they were the cheaper figures you would find at vacation tourist stops, such as these I picked up a while ago. But I recongnized one of the figures immediately.

Tonto of course.  Specifically, the Jay Silverheels version.  His horse Scout was there as well (minus a tail and the saddle).

I also recognized Silver, The Lone Ranger's horse.

Unfortunately, there was no Lone Ranger to go with it.

Closer inspection of the horses revealed they were made by Hartland Plastics.  I've had experience with Hartland in the past.  I sold a couple baseball players on eBay for a pretty good price.

All of the figures and horses were marked $1 each.  I grabbed them all.  Doing some research at home, I was able to determine what the were.  I've already sold some on eBay and have listed what they sold for.

From the "Wagon Train" TV show. (sold for $9.99)

Used for the Buffalo Bill and Jim Hardie sets.

"The Rifleman" Lucas McCain's horse. (Sold for $22.39)

James "Maverick" Garner's horse (Sold for $34.99)

Marshal Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke

I didn't think much of this figure at first, but he turned out to be the most valuable.  He's Johnny Yuma from the television show "The Rebel". (Sold for a whopping $81).

I don't do garage and estate sales to make money, it's more of a hobby, but it's nice to make some money every once in a while to fund future sales.

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