Friday, August 1, 2014

What was on TV July 29th through August 4th, 1978

Welcome back to What was on Television this week in 1978.  And joining me once again is friend John with quips and comments.  This is another New York edition that somehow sneaked into my St. Louis collection.

This week's cover is an SNL cast shot drawn by comic artist great Jack Davis, best known (at least to me) for his work on Mad and Cracked magazines.

Um, Right Guard?  The lawyers at Burma Shave would like a word with you. This limerick was way better than the original pitch..."There once was a tv viewer from Nantucket.."

Sam Donaldson isn't too proud to leap and yell? We know, Sam. We know.

It isn't everyday you get to name drop 15th century writer and humanist Francois Rabelais in TV Guide. No. Really. It was only this day.  In other news, women's clothes were really ugly in 1978.

"Other than Farrah Fawcett-Majors, who is the fairest of them all?"  In 1978, ABC was really pulling that Cheryl Ladd was.

An episode the whole family can enjoy? Really? Charles Ingalls beating the snot out of some punch drunk boxer and then nursing him back to health? Does the family really want to watch Charles and this tomato can duke it out for what could be hours in a more-than-likely illegal match?

I guess that depends on how you define "love".  And if you have to ask, the answer is probably yes.

Is it just me or does it look like Barbara Walters wants to give Fidel Castro's beard a playful little tug?  Nope, it's not me.

Why is that man laughing?  Probably because he eluded federal indictment in the Quiz Show scandal of the 1950's.  Oh, and also because he knows that third Joker will never make an appearance.

"Bowling for Dollars" was one of those shows that proved you could pretty much put anything on TV and people would watch.

More proof that the 70s was a strange time in this country - Sha-na-na. The schtick, the get ups, Bowser, all of it. Just weird.  I was a fan of Happy Days, so I tried to watch Sha Na Na, but I just never liked it.  Jon "Bowzer" Bauman is still touring with his group, The Stingrays.

In Search Of...  Folklore? Myth?  Mystery?  At 11 years old, I unquestionably accepted it as scientific fact.

Most people will name "Annie Hall" as their favorite Woody Allen movie, but for me, it's "Take the Money and Run".  It was the first "mockumentary" I ever watched and the concept really struck me.

I'll grant the outfit in the foreground isn't bad, but the plaid twins have to go.  So does "Longie McBrown" below.

I'll grant that Kiss was definitely over-the-top, rebellious and anti-establishment but Queen? Were they THAT rebellious? And what's with including ZZ Top in that list. Why not Aerosmith? The Rolling Stones? The Who? Ted Nugent?

Uh, I think the "solution" is "quit".

Oh sweet Gilda, you left us too soon.

Sport frisbee playing, jogging suit, pack of Benson&Hedges.  One of these is not like the other.

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