Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stir Crazy

The most read Garage Sale Finds post as of this writing is this one I wrote a couple years ago about a large collection of swizzle sticks I bought for $5 at an estate sale.  I'm not sure why it's so popular, but I've picked up quite a few more since then and thought I'd show some of the more interesting ones.  Once again, I've tried to link to the location when possible or show a picture or two.

The Boulevard Room, Stevens Hotel, Chicago

Image via
Image via

The Beef Barron

The Boom Boom Room Fontainebleu, Miami Beach. This hotel was the setting for Jerry Lewis' "The Bellboy"

TWA Greece

TWA India

The Dunes Hotel and Country Club

Unmarked Elephant pick

Trader Vics

The Castaways, Miami Beach

Image via Flickr

Bacchus Lounge

Holiday Inn

 Zoo Pik copyright 1965
 Holiday Inn Yellow Submarine.  I doubt that was an officially licensed Beatles bar.  I wonder how they got away with it.
Hotel Seville, Miami Beach

Silver Lounge, Acacia Hotel

Hotels Mayfair & Lennox, St. Louis, Missouri.

Hotels Mayfair & Lennox, St. Louis, Missouri (reverse)

Harrahs, Reno/Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Harrahs, Reno/Lake Tahoe, Nevada (reverse)

Holiday Inn


La Lune, New Orleans

Imperial Room-Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver, Colorado.  The blue perimeter of the spoon is just a refraction of light from the scanner.

Unknown Oil Derrick

Sun Valley, Idaho

 S. S. Admiral, St. Louis, Missouri

Image via

 Time of the Tiger, St. Louis, Missouri

Hotel Manhatan, New York City

 Top of Waikiki Revolving Restaurant

Americana, Bal Harobur, Florida

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  This hotel hosted the very first Academy Awards in 1928.

Claridge Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri

Image via Cardcow

Gatesworth Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri

Image via Cardcow

Burnhams St. Louis Opera House

Fred Harvey

Queensbury Hotel, Glens Falls, New York

"Stolen from Asti Rest" 13 E 12th St. New York.  From the Asti Restaurant in New York. This location was used for Josh's 13th birthday scene in  the movie "Big" (The pizza parlor where the owner catches thrown dough in his mouth.)

Bill's Gay Nineties 57 E 54th St. New York City

St. Francis Hotel

Club Brass Key - Biggie-Charlie.  Club Brass Key was a restaurant owned by Charlie Re and Julius “Biggie” Garagnani.  "Biggie" went into partnership with Stan Musial and opened "Stan Musial and Biggie's Steak House".  Club Brass Key is now Cunetto's.

Hotel Sir Francis Drake, San Francisco

Fountain View Lounge 540 S. Michigan

Blue Ox, Minneapolis

Hallmark Pink Elephant

Hotel St. Francis, San Francisco

Image via

Fredrik's Cafe, St. Louis, Missouri

Fredrik's was on the site (and in the same building, I would guess) of "The Best Steakhouse" at 516 N. Grand in St. Louis.

Lord Baltimore, St. Louis, Missouri

Ruggeri's, St. Louis, Missouri
One of Yogi Berra's famous "Yogisms" was about Ruggeri's, of which he said, "It's so crowded nobody goes there anymore." 

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  1. I see you've mentioned the Hotel Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco and wanted to share that this is one of the greatest hotels I've ever stayed at. Of course, it isn't cheap and it isn't easy to find an affordable room there, but the atmosphere, the service, I've never experienced something like that before and luckily Cheap hotels in San Francisco had a great deal at the time.


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