Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Cake Topper

I found this at the estate sale of a former baker.  There were lots of cake decorations and supplies in the sale.  I was surprised to find this for the low price of 50 cents.  Usually, anything Halloween related is priced fairly high at estate sales.

She stands 5" tall and probably dates from the 1970's.  There are no identifying marks regarding company or country origin, however I found an example still in the bag on eBay and it was made by Fibre-Craft and originally came with a cauldron.

I think she deserves to be viewed from all sides.  Bask in her witchiness.


  1. man, too bad the cauldron was MIA. i'd love to know what other baking stuff was there. since it's something i love to do nowadays, i'm wondering what sort of sweet vintage equipment was there. ah well!

    1. I got there late in the day. I didn't see any baking equipment, just lots of decorations. They wanted a crazy price for most of them, not sure why they let this one go so cheap.


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