Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jack and Jill, October 1978

Yet another children's magazine (are you getting tired of these?)  From October 1978, another Halloween issue of Jack and Jill.

The quality of art had definitely gone down since the earlier years of the magazine.  Sorry, Tom Eaton.

Perhaps the scariest thing in this magazine

The darn kid is just asking how he can dress up as a werewolf. Can you just give an answer?  Any answer?  Spray glue and dryer lint.  C'mon!  How hard can it be?!

What's worse than a shark with sore ribs?  A kid that doesn't understand shark biology.  You see, shark's bodies are entirely boneless, being composed of cartilage.  What?  Oh, that's the joke? Ah, ha, ha ha....

And Jeffrey?  Stop eating your bodily parts and you'll lose those 20 pounds.  See, it's a "kill two birds" scenario.

"Red, brown, and orange autumn leaves burn."  Burn.  BURN! BURN! BURN!

"Make it good for me and you.  Haunt this house for me and you."  A little lazy on the rhyming, Heather.

A snail doesn't have the comforts of home we've become accustomed to, yet he's still satisfied.  Isn't there a lesson in there for all of us?

"One is a hunted stag, the other is a stunted hag."  Hee.  Dwarfism's funny.  I'm surprised they didn't call her a "midget" witch.

"When is a black cat most likely to enter the house? When the door is open".  I never liked these kind of jokes where the punchline is the obvious answer with no relationship to humor whatsoever.  Basically the joke teller is saying, "What are you, a frickin' idiot?!  Of course it's when the door is open, you imbecile!"


  1. not tired of it yet. but you think the art quality lessened? it's just a different style. very 70s.

    1. Well, I liked the interior art better than the cover which was a little too cartoony for my liking.

  2. Not tired here, either! Halloween goodness! :)


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