Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sliding into Halloween

I featured these slides in a previous post shown among other various slides, but I think they deserve a post of their own.  These date from the early 1970's when it was perfectly normal to photograph other people's children when they came Trick or Treating.

Collegeville Skeleton costume

Not really sure what they're supposed to be, but it looks like they have a pretty good haul.  Wish I could see clearly through their bags.  The girl in the middle has something fairly large in the front left.  It almost looks like a loaf of Wonder bread!

Classic hobos

The girl with the store-bought mask looks like someone socked her.  Note the matching Trick or Treat bags. I wonder if they were siblings.

There was always that one crafty mom who had a way with styrofoam.  Is the kid on the right dressed up as the Gorton Fisherman, or did his mom really make him put his rain coat on over his costume?  In the back row, you can see the skeleton from the first slide revealed.

Need a last-minute Halloween costume idea?  Smear shoe polish on your face.

I've told the story several times now of how my mom had me dress up like a girl for Halloween when I was in second grade.  I wore my sister's bridesmaid dress, my mom's wig, and makeup including lipstick.  Everyone thought I was a girl dressed up like a princess.   I had to explain at every house I was a boy.  This kid looks to be in the same situation and looks as mortified as I did.

Howzabout a nice Hawaiian Punch?


  1. I always want to take photos of the kids that come to my house but I rarely ever ask unless they have a really cool costume. Being an adult male, I figure parents would think I was creeping on their kids.

  2. looks to me like it was a rainy night. lots of the kids look wet. i also think the 3 girls in the first photo are hoboes as well. i forgot the story about you doing drag for halloween!

    1. Yes, after a while, I just let them think I was a girl. "Yeah, yeah, give me my candy".


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