Monday, December 15, 2014

Ding Dong, It's 1974 Calling

It's been a while since I've posted one of these (in fact, almost a year).  I'm a sucker for old magazines and catalogs, even if they're Avon.  I never understood Avon beyond a specialty makeup company.  The themed cologne jars, the soap on a rope, the strange children's bath toys... Just weird.  But enjoy nonetheless.  From 1974 (also known as Campaign 23), Christmas is in the air and joy is everywhere.

A year to go, but Avon was darn well going to supply you with your Bicentennial needs.

"A Christmas gift you make yourself says, 'I think you're very special'."  That's funny, I always thought it said, "I'm really cheap."

I remember the craze with the plaid stuffed animals.  These were essentially just pillows with felt eyes, mouths and stitched-on feet that didn't feel anything like something you'd want to snuggle up with as a child.

With that blown-back hair, those heavily rouged cheeks and a look of surprise and shock, it looks more like her face is being lit up by a mushroom cloud.

"Velvety Moss, Velvety Turquoise, Frosty Mauve and Frosty Sky Blue".  Four colors and only 2 adjectives?  C'mon Avon copy writers.  You're not trying.

I remember my sister having brushes like these.  What purpose does that knob in the middle serve?  I remember the "rattail" end of brushes.  Served as a weapon in a pinch.  I wonder how many kids' eyes were put out with those.

I would think pine is more the fragrance of Christmas.  I like how they warn you this won't be priced lower before Christmas.  So you hold-outs, just forget it.

I've mentioned it before, but I see these "collectible" after shave bottles all the time at estate and garage sales.  People always put at least $5 on them.  I don't want to say nobody collects these because I've found there are collectors for everything, but let me tell you, the supply far outweighs the demand.

A quick Google search proves out this is the only time in history "quack" and "doodle" were joined in a common phrase.

Good Grief!  With that pallid skin and disoriented look, there can be only one answer: Charlie Brown is a zombie!

There was a time in the 1970's when everything you bought could be used as a bank when its contents were depleted.

As far as I'm concerned, Wee Willy Winter can keep his solid fragrance glacé.


  1. What was up with the decanters as cars and animals craze? Wow. I remember the old cars and such with cologne and after shave, though. Seemed to just fade off after awhile. As for the pillow animals, those were simple things we did as a project in sewing class in middle school. Never thought of them as gift-worthy! LOL

  2. Thirteen Original Colonies pillow? Loop-a-Moose? This is priceless!

    1. Yeah, I was tempted to say something about Loop-a-Moose, but really, it stands on its own.


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