Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Twelve Days of Santa - Day 2

Welcome to the Second Day of Santa.  I hope you weren't expecting two turtle doves, more like two turdle doves (sorry, I couldn't resist).  Today's offering is not pretty.  Who says "tacky" is a new phenomena.

The way Santa's sitting on that chimney and the fact this is a toilet cover makes me more than a little nervous.  I mean a lump of coal is one thing, Santa...

The reindeer look on, aghast.  You think they would have learned by now.  Don't let Santa drink all those glasses of  spiked egg nog left by the kids.


  1. Weird world. I imagine the people assembling these just shook their heads.

    1. I'm sure the Japanese were thinking, "And these are the people who defeated us?!"

  2. Hee hee that's very funny and naughty!


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