Sunday, December 21, 2014

Women's Day, December 1970

Time for another Christmas edition of Woman's Day magazine.  This time, it's from 1970.

I had such a crush on the St. Louis host of Romper Room, Miss Lois.  When I was 4 or 5, I drew a picture of stick people playing on a playground and sent it to her.  Then I realized I hadn't clothed them and was afraid Miss Lois would think I was some sort of pervert.  Ultimately, she sent me a autographed photo for my effort and eased my worries.

Now it appeals to women who wear mesh produce netting on their heads.

Inside was this insert for Parker Brothers games available for the 1970 Christmas Season featuring some recognizable games and some not so recognizable.

I told you Pooh had a thing for women's shoes.

Hooked on crochet?  I think the answer is obvious.

Once again, nothing I can add to this picture.

I'm not sure if this is tacky or fantastic.  I think it might be both.

I received that Playskool take-apart car (4) for Christmas around this time.  I still have it and in fact found another with all pieces at a garage sale a couple years ago.  My youngest kids love to play with it.

This ad solves a mystery of what this kid was wearing in this slide I found at a garage sale years ago.

Creamettes and Spam.  Or it could be the poor man's Spam,  "Treet".  They only say "12-oz can luncheon meat", withholding an endorsement for either.

I loved these Peanuts books when I was a kid.  It was the only way to experience the TV specials outside of the season.

I never understand these ads for Wrigley's gum.  Does the recipe involve gum in some way?  No it doesn't.

I’ve sworn I will name my first born be he a man or a woman "Blues Image".

Back when Sesame Street characters were kinda scary.

I call these "Grandma Mints" as she always had a dish set out for us.

Spill something on this carpet?  Pfffft.  Who cares.


  1. Retro goodness, man. Wow. Love the flashbacks.

  2. such delicious 70s imagery. i agree, the cup/plate window hanging is pretty dang fantastic. and tacky.

    winnie the pooh dabbled in drag? a lot of things are making more sense to me now...

    +1 internets to you for the ron burgundy reference. : )

    long live buttermints!

    1. And +1 to you for recognizing the reference! And I just might have to try that window hanging. Where's the glue...

  3. i loved the first movie, but didn't see the second one (yet). i love the soundtrack, too, but his schtick gets rather tiresome to me by the end. i also hate how he talks over the intro of each song, like a radio DJ. i guess i'm spoiled by our post-MP3 world, where i don't have to hear announcers if i don't want to.

    1. I haven't seen the second one either. I'm almost afraid to watch it. I love the soundtrack too, but I know what you mean about talking over the track. Although to quote Ron, "I know I'm ruining your song, but I don't care!"


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