Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy Flag Day

From 1924.

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  1. we have our flag out today (and every flag-based day we remember, per the flag code). we always joke about the flag police who will come and give tickets or haul you away for not following the flag code -- especially those ne'er do wells who fly a flag 24/7, and it's tattered, and not lit at night, to boot! so disrespectful.

    when we moved into our house, one of the few things in it that was left by the previous owner was a very nice (all cotton!) flag, still in its original box, and it included a pamphlet for days to display it and other flag code info. our pamphlet isn't as elaborate as yours is. i think ours must be from the 60s. made by the Valley Forge Flag Co., one of the oldest flag manufacturers in the country.


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