Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sunset, August 1959

With Summer upon us (at least in the Northern hemisphere.  Do they still call it summer in the Southern hemisphere?  I'm too lazy to Google it) I thought you might enjoy this August 1959 issue of Sunset, the Magazine of Western Living.  It's the special "Art of Camp Cookery" issue plus plenty of vintage ads.  Bon Appetit!

From the look of horror on her face, I would guess, "No".  Even the dog appears stunned.

"Atomic radiation helps this man do his job...This research technique has taken months off the time needed to test the effectiveness of new motor oils..."  And has taken years off his life.

Nothing says "yummy" like overnight mush slices.

Or what we like to call, "The Roaster".

Floor to ceiling doors.  An idea whose time never came.

I wonder how long it was before those broke.

Pre-Chicken of the Sea.

I had no idea Eggo's dated back that far.  I wonder when they became round.

Those top-down dish washers must have been a pain to load.  You'd have to have all your dishes in order before loading.


Gag reflex...fighting...

Gah!  Too late!

My grandmother always had Shasta soda at her house.

Coincidentally enough, I bought that exact book at the same estate sale where I bought this magazine.

We had that phone in our kitchen growing up, except we had the option long phone cord that could reach practically all over the house.  I spent hours of my life untangling that cord (I was/am a little OCD).

Hillman was a British automobile.

All my life I've been warned to keep electricity away from water.  Now here's product that is essentially a wire stuck in a wall outlet and plunged into your cup of water.  Electricity is so confusing.

Shouldn't someone be looking at the road?


  1. haha, how funny -- i just got my new issue of Sunset. i've been a subscriber for ages. it's still a really great magazine that captures the western lifestyle... in looking through this, what stands out is how everything old is new again: my new issue has articles on camping (and cooking while camping), canning your own food, and (of course) hip remodeling on a budget. what is different is that the ad section in the back of the current issues ALWAYS contains a section on places that help you deal with "defiant teens" and "a problem child" -- this issue has nothing like that that i saw.

    1. I didn't know Sunset was still published. Good to hear. You don't see any ads like that because in the 50's, there were no "defiant teens". The worst you got was Eddie Haskell. :)

    2. you're forgetting the teens in West Side Story. hoodlums!

    3. But their dancing skills redeemed them.

  2. Hi Tom!

    Random question, but would you ever consider selling this item? My grandmother is on the cover (in the yellow jacket), and I was hoping to buy this as a gift to my mother. Let me know!

    1. Hi Leo. If I still have it, I'd be glad to send it to you. I'm not sure I still do have it, but I will look and let you know.


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