Friday, June 12, 2015

Spartus Camera

I bought this Spartus camera at the Megehee estate sale for $1.  It was a little dirty and rusty.  It dates from the 1940's or '50's.

But the best part was it had a roll of vintage exposed film in it.

I sent the roll off to Dwayne's Photo in Kansas City with dreams of  getting back some great pictures unseen for 60 years, similar to this.  Unfortunately, nothing was on the film.  Cue sad trombone.

But it's still a cool camera.  I cleaned it up a little with a Dremel and wire wheel.
The button on the right releases the bellows.

There's a switch for long exposure.

 The sight is just two metal framing tabs that pop up from the top of the camera.

It takes 127 film which isn't manufactured anymore, but you can cut down 120 film using a cigar cutter (and a dark room) to wind your own.  I haven't tried this yet, but have plans for some time this summer.  I'll share the pictures when I do.

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