Friday, June 12, 2015

T'aint Funny, Megehee

After a long dry spell, I return today with some postcards I bought at the estate sale of Jesse Megehee Jr. a few weeks ago.  These postcards were sent to his father Jesse Sr. around the turn of the century. Jesse Sr. resided in Picayune, Mississipi, just north of the Mississipi River Delta and was born in 1892.  Some of the writing is difficult to read, so I've transcribed below each card.

A Glad Thanksgiving

"Many glad returns of the holidays Loved ones."

Chunks of Wisdom Copyright 1910 by Taylor Art Co.

"How Jessie, how are you getting along at this time? Good I hope. I thought it takes money to buy whiskey & land. Come some times. JCS."

Ford Booster Comic No. 2174

I'm not sure what the connection between the phone and the car are, other than two relatively new technologies.  Or maybe she's calling her chauffeur to pick her up.  The logo over the garage reminds me of the REO logo (the car, not the band, although that's where they got the name and logo from as well).

"Dear Mr. MeGehee - I recd your card O.12 and was glad to get it. Yes, Edna is my sister. I'm glad you like her letter. How are you enjoying this gloomy weather?  It gives one the "Blues" doesn't it?  Sincerely, Emma."

Life Comic Series 32 No. 120.

"I'm getting busy with my little Lizzie."  I had no idea the expression "getting busy" dated back so far.
"I am now in H.B. going to the ?????.  My work is real interesting. Think I will be here two terms. From Lillian."

Heart's Best Love
"Callie said to tell you  she hadn't quite forgotten you yet. Ans. soon. How do you like this old card. Ha ha!  Oh yes, Mr. Seal is with us now with his violin.  From your best friend, Queenie."

"Hello! Jessie I had begin to think you had forgotten me altogether. Say old Landon is on a boom. We have two and three dances a week. recd a card from ????? today."

A Hilarious Hallowe'en

"And I will write you as soon as I get there. as ever yours F.W."

"Hello Jesse.  Just received your letter today and was indeed glad to here from you. But don't you write untill you here from me. For we will go Thursday if nothing happens."

"This is my address. Lo"
This is either Honey Island, Texas or Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana.

And on this card, we find a frustrated lover writing to a young lady whose heart apparently belongs to Jesse.

"Hello Kid why don't you ans my card.  I guess you take up your time writing to Jessie. He don't care any thing for you.Your Only (or Andy?)"

The card is addressed to "Miss" with the name erased in Mount Elsa, Arkansas.  I'm guessing our mystery lady gave this card to Jessie and they had a good laugh.  I believe the postal stamp reads June 1, 1914 which would make Jessie 22.
Do I cut "any ice" with you?
The artist of this card is William Henry Ellam who illustrated many postcards, best known for his comic post cards.  
William Henry Ellam, courtesy

"Hello Jesse, just receved your nice letter a few minutes ago and was very glad to here from you. Will write soon I have something important to tell you. Am glad you was pleased my Pho(?). As ever your friend F.W."

New York Fire Department, 5169 High Pressure in Action New York

I'm Making Money at Every Turn
"Hello Coz, What are you doing for your self Now day(?) having a good time I hope. Your Coz AT(?)"

"Hellow, Merry Christmas."  From a very toothy Santa Claus.

"Hello how are you by this time, fine I guess. As for my self I am fine and ??? say I have been looking for a letter for some time by. by. From a far away friend. K.S."

Thanks Giving Greetings Souvenir

"Dear Brother: I would be very glad if you could come Sat. night as we are going to make ice cream. Come if you can. All are well.  Lovingly, E.C. Stewart".  I wonder if Jesse attended his ice cream party.  At first I was confused why someone would be sending a Thanksgiving card in June, but apparently, there is a tradition dating back to the 1600's with the first Thanksgiving being celebrated in June.
"Silence is Golden.  It's Good Policy to leave a Few Things Unsaid."  

I believe this is the St. Louis Post-Dispatch "Weather Bird" which is the oldest continuous comic in the United States.
"Hello Coz, how are you by ????????? happy I am for you. Coz"

I apologize in advance for the final card, and hope I don't offend anyone.  It is, of course, horribly racist and shameful, but it was among the lot, and I would rather show it for what it is than hide it.

 Evolution Watermelon Into Coon
"From Carrie --. Ans. Soon.  Hello Cousin. How are you. We arrived all O.K. You said we didn't have any water melons, but we have."

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