Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What was on TV June 7th through 13th, 1980

After a long absence, TV Guide returns.  Literally.  This is a reblog.  But, there are new scans and content, so enjoy.

We return to television past once again.  This time it's a trip back to 1980.  Humorous assists from friend John once again.

Cubby, the red-headed step child of Tippy the Turtle and the generic Pirate.  With the other choices, did anyone ever choose to draw Cubby?  Oh, apparently, they did. (Back when I originally posted this, that link pulled up a lot more examples of amateur Cubby drawings.  Sadly, I only see one now.  C'mon, people!  Let's see your Cubbies!)

No, Lee Rich, Linda Hamilton in a sheer beige dress wearing a black bra doesn't bother me one bit.

Psssst.  American Dairy Association.  The Union Jack was the enemy's flag...

 Another Cheryl Tiegs Virginia Slims ad

 Channel 30 was our local independent UHF channel.  I believe this was their first attempt at local news.  From what I recall, it didn't succeed.

I recall watching "Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood".  I also remember turning the channel after about a 1/2 hour which is a surprise, because I wasn't that discriminate a viewer as a child.

Was the previous owner of this TV Guide "starring" the "Weekend Special" at 11:00 or the "Cry of the Wild" documentary? What is the significance of the "R" on this and other pages? Are the stars something a couple wants to watch together? Are the shows marked withs "R" something a couple can't agree on? I NEED CLOSURE!!!

"The Perils of Pauline" was another movie I gave a chance, but gave up on.  Reading about it now, I can see why. Apparently, it was a TV pilot meant to capitalize on the Batman TV series style that was unsuccessfully shopped to the networks.  Not finding a home, it was edited into a movie.  I probably switched over "Ma and Pa Kettle".

It's clear from that look that "Hunk" knows he deserves his nickname.  Oh yeah.

Fifteen pounds in 72 hours? That doesn't sound healthy. And do you really want to tout your diet plan as causing as much weight loss as fasting and complete starvation?

Barbara only lost 21 lbs in 5 days?  Given the previous scenario, it sounds like she's just not trying.

Man, "R" is all over the map. A Sherlock Holmes movie here, an Iran documentary there and now a comedy starring Barbra Streisand and George Segal.

Ron "Tarzan" Ely hosting a game show?  If Manuel "Jai" Padilla Jr. was his co-host... DEAL!!!

I don't recall this episode of M*A*S*H but I see that it was filmed without a laugh track. That show would do that from time to time, whipsawing between episodes where we would all laugh at Klinger in a wedding dress and staring in mute  horror as Hawkeye visits with the psychiatrist.

Was there an unwritten law than any television program set in Hawaii had to have Jack Lord in it?

"Waist Away".  Again, not the best choice of name for a weight loss product.  Looks like a little muffin top is peeking over the top of that dude's Waist Away corset.

I can see the ad meeting now. "We have a great new heartworm tablet we need to sell. What dog does the American public love most? Snoopy? Too expensive to license. Scooby-Doo? Speech impediment. Lassie? Passed away. I know! Get me Marmaduke's agent!"

Semi-Tough: "Shake (David Hasselhoff) comes out of the Bull's latest game with a swollen head." Not unlike how he came out of  his career on "Baywatch".

There ain't nothin' like a poorly executed line drawing that makes it look like Tex there has no right leg below the knee either.

"R" was also interested in the broad satricial spoof of "The Mouse Who Roared" and the Academy Award winning "A Man for All Seasons." Good for him/her.

Is there some sort of weird synergy/commentary on the story about politics and commercials across from an ad for Zippo lighters that feature the symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties?

Based on that drawing in the article, a full twelve years before it happened, TV Guide predicted the rise of Bill Clinton to presidency.

Adding up the prices of these power tools, I'm pretty sure it would have been cheaper just to buy a bird house.  Notice the prices all ending in .88.  I wonder when the eleven cent inflation hit driving all prices up to end in .99.

Tune in next time.  Same Blog time, same Blog channel!


  1. Love & miss these guides. St. Louis edition fantastic. Would like to see more '60s & '70s if you got them. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Ronbo. I do have some 60's and 70's TV Guides. I will be posting those at some point. Keep checking back.


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