Friday, August 11, 2017

Leftovers Day 11 -- $5 Fill a Bag

There are a couple estate sale companies in my area that have a unique end to their weekend sales.  On Sunday afternoon, the sale is closed down and then re-opened a short time later as a $5 fill a bag sale. Some companies require you to use their bags, but others will allow you to use your own, within reason, I'm sure.  They would probably have an issue if you showed up with a lawn bag.

I do not traditionally attend these kind of sales, but a while back, I passed on a vintage space-age aerial antenna I wanted. Priced at $20, it was more than I wanted to spend.  I figured if I could get it for my $5 bag along with some other ephemera I had left behind it might be worth it.

Just like the opening of any sale, there was a line at the door. I was about 15th in line.  I was not prepared for what happened when the door opened.  As soon as it did, the line surged like a wave and I could see people in front of me grabbing everything in sight and throwing it in their bag.  One person took their entire arm and swept everything off of a table into their bag.  I heard glass breaking and objects falling everywhere.  It was chaos. It was like that episode of "Laverne & Shirley" when they won the free shopping spree at Slotnik's Grocery store.

Though I feared for my life at that point, I headed into the basement where I'd last seen the antenna. I found it still there and added it to my bag (a canvas grocery store bag, Aldi's specifically).  It took up much of the room, but I was able to pack in some other goodies plus the entire box of travel ephemera I had left behind previously.  Some of those I have already posted, but here are some of the leftovers including that antenna.

It's called "Golden-U" and is made by Archer (Radio Shack's company).  It's UHF which is ideal for over the air digital broadcasts (if you still have rabbit ears, they're not doing you any good, you need the hoop/loop style antenna). It originally sold for $8.95. I'm not sure when it's from, but it has definite mid century stylings. It was in the original box.

Some other leftovers I grabbed since I was there:

 McDonald's Fork and Spoon featuring Ronald and Grimace

 Another Frito-Bandito pencil topper like I posted earlier this week. This one has had it's guns surgically removed, probably by one of those moms who wouldn't let her kids play with guns. C'mon! They were holstered!

Bendy Jack-in-the-Box made by Imperial from the early '70's.
 A couple hard rubber vehicles made by Auburn.

And, hey, when you have room left, why NOT The Osmonds Tambourine?


  1. i've never seen an antenna like that before -- very very cool! and who could resist an Osmonds tambourine? not me!

    i don't know if you've ever been to one of those Goodwill As-Is stores where they sell by the pound, but it sounds very much like your estate sale last-chance sale. it's chaos -- people are super pushy and just grabbing stuff and throwing them in their bags, and then every so often the workers rope off areas and roll out these big dumpster-like bins and chuck entire tables-worth of stuff in them, headed to the landfill. it sounds like the apocalypse. craziness. (but good deals!)

    1. I've never witnessed a GOodwill As-is sale. Sounds terrifying!

    2. it really is an experience. all i can think about whenever i'm in one is all the stuff that's getting just CHUCKED out. our culture is so wasteful!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Dex. And it works great! Over the air reception is terrible at my house. This is the only antenna I've found that works.


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