Friday, August 18, 2017

Leftovers Day 18 -- South St. Louis County Yesterday & Today

Today's post is one of those that will be interesting to only a few. Hey, that is NOT every post!

Anyway, I found these aerial photos of south St. Louis County (my stomping grounds) from when Interstate 55 was being developed near Lindbergh Boulevard.  You can see South County Mall with the famous Famous & Barr dome to the right.  It's parking lot is still under development. You can also see how much of the land was still farm land and residential at that time.  Interstate 55, still in development, dead ends South of Lindbergh.

The same area today.  Lindbergh has become all commercial properties.

This photo is of the same area (Famous Barr is now to the left) a short time later looking south down a more-developed I-55. South County Mall is also more developed.

Again, the same area today.

Today, South County Mall is one of the few surviving malls in the St. Louis area.


  1. wow. so, what year are the photos of the area pre-development? 60s, maybe?

    1. Late '60's I would guess. That's when South County Mall went in as well as 55. About 1967.


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