Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Leftovers Part 1 -- It's a Trap!

After writing this blog for 7 years, I've accumulated a lot of things that just never warranted blogging about. But still, they interested me enough to buy them from various garage and estate sales over the years.  I generally photograph or scan everything I buy, but most languish in my "Garage Sale Finds" folder, unloved for years.  But no more.  I'm going to unleash a flurry of misfit garage sale finds the likes you've never seen over the next few weeks (or until I get bored with it).

Nothing much to say about these, just fun to look at it.  First up: Booby Traps. Enjoy!


  1. class C fireworks, advertised for use indoors -- what could go wrong?

    1. I love that the box gives the warning "Do Not Hold Close to Face", but the illustration shows it going off right next to that kid's face.


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