Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Leftovers Day 30 --Summer's Cooling Down

Since we're winding down summer this coming weekend, I thought we'd take a look at an icon of summer travels, the humble cooler.

I picked up this 1960's Poloron Thermaster aluminum cooler at an estate sale last year.  It looks to have seen little use, its stickers amazingly still in place. I love it from its faux wood-grained lid to its aluminum-slatted body.

I've written previously how we never ate out while on vacation.  We were a green Coleman cooler family and everything perishable we ate came out of it.  We also had the matching green Coleman thermos jug filled with water. It sat on the floor between my mom's shins and you'd better be dying of thirst if you asked for it. So coolers have always reminded me of those long road trips.

The water jug was still inside.

And what cooler would be complete without the obligatory bottle opener.

We took this one on a picnic to Elephant Rocks State Park last Summer about this same time. It performed admirably.

Hope it's been a great summer for you and yes, I know it's not officially over until September 22nd, but c'mon.  Let's be honest. It's over.

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