Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Night with a Cassette Tape

While the '60's and '70's kid got his Halloween sound scares from vinyl (probably played on mom and dad's Hi-Fi), the 80's kid could listen to them privately on his Walkman.

The 1980's saw an explosion of cheaply produced Halloween sound effects compilations released on cassette tape. Most were rehashed tracks from past records, some were direct swipes from competitors' tapes. 


A Night in a Graveyard Part 1
A Night in a Graveyard Part 2

A Night in a Haunted House Part 1
A Night in a Haunted House Part 2

Image courtesy Secret Fun Spot

If you enjoyed that, head over to Secret Fun Spot where Renaissance man Kirk Demarais has been showcasing horror tapes all month including this one.  And when you're done there, don't forget to stop by the Countdown and see what the other bloggers have been up to all month.


  1. I remember these kinds of tapes! ty for sharing!

  2. ALERT: picosong (where the sounds are hosted) is shutting down on October 21, 2019. I think you'll have to find another hosting service.

    1. Great... Thanks for the tipoff, Scorpio. I have a lot of tracks uploaded there throughout my site. I have the originals so no worries about loss, but I'll have to find a new host.


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