Sunday, October 1, 2017

Halloween -- It's My Bag, Baby, One Mo' Time

I know another year, same old lame joke.  But as long as I keep finding Trick or Treat bags, I'm going to use it. Like this one!

It is, in fact, another year with yet another Halloween just around the corner. And once again I join the legion of Halloween Bloggers and celebrate the month-long extraganza that is The Countdown to Halloween. Just as in previous years, for the next 31 days, I will present my Halloween finds from throughout the year. But I'm going to be frank with you -- it wasn't a great year. It's becoming harder and harder to find great vintage Halloween items. As the generation that owned them ages out and as more people recognize the collectibility and value of those items, the pickings become slimmer and slimmer for avid garage salers like me. So unlike previous years, I may not find enough to post daily and you may find some "classic Halloween finds" mixed in with the new, but before you complain, ask yourself this: how much are you paying for this?

Happy Blog-o-ween to all and be sure to visit everyone over at the Countdown.  Bring an extra big Trick or Treat bag. They have fun-sized treats waiting!


  1. Never saw that one before! Happy October!

  2. Thanks, Joe. Happy October to you too!

  3. Hey Bob, contact me at I'll get you one.


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