Monday, October 30, 2017

Sounds of Terror (and Bad Acting)

I found this record at an otherwise unassuming estate sale over the summer.  The majority of the contents of the sale (and there wasn't that much) was modern.  This record was sitting by itself in a bedroom.

The cover and record are in fairly rough shape, but I only paid a quarter and I didn't have this album yet.

The record was written by Frank Daniel and Wade Denning with art done by Daniel. This Frank Daniel has been attributed to this Frank Daniel, but I haven't found any supporting evidence for that. Denning worked on several other Pickwick horror albums including "Sounds to Make you Shiver".

Starting off with a fairly bad cover of "Monster Mash", the rest of the record is filled with horror vignette's, narrated at the beginning of each to set the scene and then acted out with all of the skill of a high school drama class.

Chad really wanted everyone to know this record was his.

Listen to record by clicking the links below -- if you dare! Go ahead. Dare. It's not scary.

Side 1 -- Part 1
Side 1 -- Part 2

Side 2 -- Part 1
Side 2 -- Part 2


  1. Spooky cool find! I bet Chad misses this little Halloween treasure!

  2. had to listen through side two just to hear "The Incredible Giant Crab" -- i think it was worth it, although i swear at one point they used crunching on celery sticks for the sound of... something. the crab eating? maybe. S P O O K Y ! ! !

  3. What a wonderful find. It's like it was sitting there just for YOU to discover it. ... I think that those Spooky Sounds and Halloween-themed albums of the 1960s and 1970s are one area in which I could get into having a small vinyl collection. I find them fascinating.


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