Friday, October 6, 2017

Funny Bones

I recall one Halloween in high school, back in those magical years known as "the '80's", when a friend (you know who you are) showed up to school with this guy tucked in his pocket.

I thought it was pretty cool (okay, I was easily amused). I'm not sure at what point the red ink blood was added, but eventually he was bequeathed to me when my friend left town (he must have known how much I liked it).

A found his headless cousin among a bunch of small toys at an estate sale a while back.

There's not much information about these cheap novelty gags on the internet, but I was able to track down an original package.

It was produced by Imagineering, those fantastical makers of Halloween wonderment and cheap thrills. They were known as "Funny Bones" and based on the packaging, date from 1979. And HEY! They glow in the dark!  They really do! (I just tested.)

I also found them advertised among a "Bag Full of Horrors", all selling for $1 by the Melton Company.

I wasn't entirely kidding about being easily amused when I was younger earlier. I really was.  I miss the days when so little could bring so much joy.


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