Friday, October 24, 2014

Baring the Mantel of Halloween

It's time to unveil this year's fireplace mantel decorations.  I took two sets of photos, one with a flash and one without. It looks better without the flash, but it's difficult to see the details, so I'm giving you both.

Okay, let's turn on the lights.

This owl is made by Sport-Plast in Italy who have been in business since 1952 and are still in operation.  These owls were intended to be decoys for gardens and homes and the weathered look of this one reveals years of service for this purpose.

The Pixie Devil was made by Kreiss in the 1950's.

Pumpkin popups by Funworld, 1970's.

The other owl is made by Union Products of Leominster, Massachusetts.  I'm not sure if this owl was originally intended to be a decoration or a decoy.   Union Products was best known as the makers of the plastic pink lawn flamingos that were so prevalent in the late 1950's and 60's.  They were designed by Don Featherstone while he was employed by Union Products.

I'm not sure of the age, but the zip code places it post (no pun intended) 1963.

Jack O' Lantern candle, possibly another W & F Wax product.

One week to go until Halloween. The Countdown is almost counted down.  Keep checking back in the final week for more Halloween Garage Sale Finds and don't forget to visit the other Cryptkeepers.


  1. nicely done, as always. i had forgotten about those 70s popup toys. they squeak, right? and the owl on the left is really nice. hey, are you doing your big yard decoration extravaganza this year? i haven't heard you mention much about it...

    1. Yes, those popups do squeak. I am doing the yard haunt again this year. I started last weekend with some of the bigger props, but still miles to go!

  2. Nothing here I do not love! Those little Pixie Devils are amazing! How have I never seen these before???

    1. Thanks, Joe. I'd never seen one of those Pixie Devils before I saw this one at the sale. Googling, it looks like there were several different poses including one in a black costume.


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